This includes all philosophical knowledge.

Philomysteryology Science.

Introduction to Philomysteryology Science.

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Philomysteryology Science: This is the scientific study of mystery of nature through philosophy.

Many are the mystery of nature untold to the entire universe, so, the minds of most men are devoid of the most required knowledge, and, that’s why it became necessary to come up with this science to impart that knowledge that is lacking.





a) Intellectual diet[reading, habit, charity, love, relationship, silence(solitude),meditation, concentration, music, mindfulness, consciousness, the art of projecting your thoughts into reality; what you put in your mind you hold it in your hand]

b) Developing sensual intelligence.

c) Communication Powers

d) Love, Relationship and Charity

e) Friends and foes of Health and Wealth.

f) Efficient living; work, play, love and worship.



a) Developing serene habit

b) Diet

c) Mind, Heart and Body

d) Family

e) Generation evolution

f) Creating the future part 1




a) Wisdom advancement

b) The origin of the world

c) Art of thinking

d) Creatures

e) Human nature and power (of thought)

f) Revealing thyself



a) Poetry

b) General art

c) Mind ,Heart, Body engineering part 1

d) Quotes engineering

e) Creating the future part 2

f) Cause and effects




a) Understanding the thoughts of creatures within and without vicinity

b) Mind, Heart, Body engineering part 2

c) Creating the future part 3

d) Spiritual life

e) Meditation

f) Identifying other masters, and their teachings; Masters ethics.




a) God, Devil, People and Evil

b) Birth and death

c) A map of Heaven and Hell

d) Religion

e) Truth of and Questions and Answers of common and uncommon matters

f) How to question and how to offer solution.


At the end of this course, which is equivalent to 12 months, the students are offered a mastership test which confirms the student into mastership position. This test is of origin from the master offering the teachings.




Because for one to study the mystery of nature one needs an intellect, it was necessary to start by tuning the intellect of the devoted disciples, hence the first program is intellectual diet; where one is given diet of -habit ,charity, music, silence, love, relationship, reading and ethics. This program is followed by Developing sensual intelligence, after getting the diet of the intellect then its time to develop sensual intelligence, this prepares one to have intelligence that will welcome the study without giving up. Then one is taught power of communication through Communication Power, which help the learner to acquire communication skills. Then one is taught love ,relationship and Charity; this is very important as it enhance personality of the learner to humble and understand the mystery. Then at this point Health and Wealth is cared for through Friends and Foes of Health and Wealth .This helps one to remain Healthy and Wealthy. This PHAASE I of Beginners Level is summed up by Efficient Living which help one to know the method of efficient living which is; work, play, love and worship.


It starts with Developing Serene Habit, this is because its the dynamic power of habit that build your character. To add on, the learner is taught about Diet; which is very important as this determines health and ones state of being. Then since the Diet affects the body ,mind and heart it deem needful to learn about them. Then we move on to Family, one must know about family mystery to be able to actually learn Philomysteryology Science, after studying Family the learner is taught about Generation Evolution. This is how the generation has changed and why. After this it is now ideal to conclude this -BEGINNERS-Level by teaching the learner how to Create the Future, but this is simply an introduction: Creating The Future Part 1.


Only when one accomplishes Beginners Level, is when he is allowed to proceed to Advanced Level. He is tested/provided with questions and only upon passing the exam is he directed to Advanced Level.


Starts with Wisdom Advancement, which is a continuation of previous level-beginners level-this projects the knowledge of beginner's Mind. Then one is taught how to effect his thinking through Art of Thinking. After this we move on to  technical subjects that requires a trained Mind to sustain and ascertain them ;The origin of the world, then Creatures ,Then out of creatures we center on human beings so, Human Nature, which we purely base on its possibilities and abilities-Power(Thoughts). After we expound on possibilities and power we advance to Revealing Thyself-who you are-and that's what sums up PHASE I of this level.


This the most appealing as it begins with Poetry ,Then General Art, Then Mind, heart, Body Engineering Part 1,Then we move to most uplifting part of speech that change the world and that's Quotes Engineering, which in deed develops ones mind to be able to create and interprets Quotes. After this ,one ,proceeds to Creating The Future Part 2.Finally this PHASE II is concluded by Cause and Effects which helps one to know how the now affect the future so to be able to create a fantastic future by deploying a fantastic Cause now for a fantastic effects then. This level is finalized by test that gives the learner a ticket or key to the next level.(MASTER LEVEL)


This level is very technical; hence it requires a very powerful mind that can't be easily shaken. This is why one is thoroughly scrutinized through two levels before he can be admitted into this level.


Begins with knowledge of Understanding the Thoughts of Creatures within and without vicinity. As a Master one must understand how the creatures are and how to organize himself around them including communication and their scope or radius of their thoughts. Then as a Master one is should be aware of his Mind, Heart and Body as they are very vital in day in day out life, hence continuation of Mind, Heart and Body Engineering Part 2.There is also a future for Masters, therefore necessarily deal with that; Creating the Future Part 3.Then one Is taught Spiritual Life, because as a Master this life is necessary. For Masters everything is attained or obtained through Meditation. Therefore Meditation is taught at this level, Then the learner is taught how to identify the Masters, and that is what concludes this PHASE I-Identifying the Masters and Their Teachings and Ethics.


This phase deals with technical matters that as a Master one must have their knowledge and be able to teach others without hesitation nor error. So this PHASE contains: God, Devil ,People and evil; Birth and Death; A map of Heaven and Hell; Religion; Truth of and Question of Common and Uncommon Matters; How to Question and Offer Solution -which is what makes one deserve the title MASTER. You can know the Master by how you question and offer solutions to questions. This course is accomplished only when the learner goes through the Mastership Test which is very technical. Where one becomes a Philomysteryologist/Philomysteryology Scientist or just Master (Master of Philomysteryology Science).